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Paying For An Inspection Is Easy

Home, Commercial and Insurance Inspections:

  • Payment may be made by Visa, Master Card, American Express or Discover credit or debit cards, by cash or by a personal check.

  • Payment may be made at the time of inspection or by phone if you are unable to attend the inspection summary.

  • If a home inspection is requested by a commercial entity, payment may be made by a corporate credit card or by company check.

Payment Terms for Home and Commercial Inspections:

  • Payment is due prior to the beginning of the inspection, or at the conclusion summary of the inspection, whichever best suites the customer.  All payments are final

Returned Checks and Refunds:

  • All  payments are final and Client agrees to pay a returned check fee, as allowed by applicable law, for each of Client's checks returned to Trapco Inspections, LLC for insufficient funds or because the insured has no account in the payor bank. No refunds will be issued for inspection services rendered. 

Payment can be made by Credit Card through our online portal after your Inspection has been scheduled
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